best classic instant hong kong milk tea for sale

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best classic instant hong kong milk tea for salebest classic instant hong kong milk tea for salebest classic instant hong kong milk tea for sale

best classic instant hong kong milk tea for sale A mysterious force from the East About the origin of milk tea generally default to a thousand years ago in northern China's nomadic tribes are the first to try. According to legend, after Shen Nong discovered that tea could detoxify the body, tea became a popular drink among the general public. But due to the lack of material conditions in ancient times, the tea is too bitter and astringent. In order to improve the taste of tea soup, people try to add pepper, cloves and other spices to the tea soup. Northern nomads are used to brick tea mixed with fresh milk and salt boiled into prairie milk tea, which is the predecessor of milk tea. Milk Tea, which is now popular all over the country, originated from the Pearl milk tea in Taiwan in 1987 and the subsequent Hong Kong milk tea with silk stockings. By the Mid-1980s, in Chun Shui Tang Cultral Tea House, Taichung, it had its origins in 1986 when Lin Xiuhui, director of tea in Chun Shui Tang Cultral Tea House's department of Commodities (then the founder of the store) , added pink round to milk tea, while glossy black and pink round rolled in milk tea, just like the big beads falling on a jade plate, so to "Pearl Milk Tea" named, has become a popular drink in Taiwan. The origin of milk tea and the way of making it vary from place to place due to the habits of living and the characteristics of food culture, and gradually derived from the prairie milk tea, British milk tea, Hong kong-style milk tea, table-style milk tea, pull tea, Thai milk tea, Indian milk tea and many other flavors and varieties. A cup of milk tea with story and quality Lan Fong Yuen tea restaurant is known as the first delicious tea restaurant in Hong Kong. Although the shop is simple, the food standard is super first-class. Many gourmets put down their cruel words: "if you haven't eaten Lan Fong Yuen, you don't have eaten a tea restaurant in Hong Kong." Lan Fong Yuen was founded in 1952 . In the early stage, it was operated in the form of large-scale food stalls. At present, it is one of the only large-scale food stalls in Hong Kong. It already has two stores, one new and one old. The decoration of the old store is simple. It uses round wooden chairs and tables. The wall is covered with newspapers reporting the store, words with brush, and a simple picture, which shows the 50 year historical witness of "Lan Fong Yuen". Lan Fong Yuen is famous because Lin Sheng pioneered the Hong Kong style beverage "mandarin duck" and the best instant hong kong milk tea, commonly known as silk stockings milk tea, which is made with tea bags. Its milk tea is made with "post season tea" from Colombo, Sri Lanka and fatty milk from Malaysia. In addition to being a time-honored brand that must punch in, the door of Lan Fong Yuen's old store is also a good place to take photos. Standing outside the store with a cup of milk tea at will is a picture with a strong Hong Kong flavor. After two years away, Lan Fong Yuen returned to Shanghai with the "Nobel Prize in the food industry" - the Monde selection award of the 58th world quality evaluation conference, which immediately burst the circle of friends of Shanghai people. The "picky" Shanghai diners who were attracted by the name lined up at the gate of Lan Fong Yuen flash store in order to taste the true taste of best hong kong milk tea. 1952骞?/h3 鏋楁湪娌冲厛鐢熷湪棣欐腐寤虹珛鍏拌姵鍥紝棣栧垱涓濊鍜岄赋楦紝缁熺О涓烘腐寮忓ザ鑼躲€?/p 1956骞?/h3 鍏拌姵鍥粛鏄姭鐫€閾佺毊鐨勬帓鎸″簵锛屽嵈鏈変簡鍙g涓婁匠鐨勬腐寮忓ザ鑼躲€?/p 20涓栫邯鏂扮殑鐢熸椿鏂瑰紡鍒版潵涔嬪悗锛屽仴搴烽ギ椋熺殑鐞嗗康鎴愪负涓绘祦锛屾腐寮忓ザ鑼跺張涓€娆″叴璧枫€?/p 2009骞?鏈?/h3 鍏拌姵鍥湁浜嗙涓€瀹惰尪椁愬巺寮忕殑鍒嗗簵鈥斺€斿皷娌欏拃閲嶅簡澶у帵鍦板簱娲绘柟鍟嗗満銆?/p 2011骞?鏈?/h3 鍏拌姵鍥湁浜嗙浜屽鑼堕鍘呭紡鐨勫垎搴椻€斺€斾笂鐜俊寰蜂腑蹇?04D鍙峰晢閾恒€?/p 2014骞?鏈?/h3 娓紡濂惰尪鎶€鑹烘垚涓洪娓潪鐗╄川鏂囧寲閬椾骇锛屽叞鑺冲洯鏄涓幏寰椾笘鐣岄鍝佸搧璐ㄥぇ濂栫殑濂惰尪鍝佺墝锛屾垚涓轰簡棣欐腐椋庡懗鐨勭粡鍏镐唬琛ㄣ€?/p 2016骞?2鏈?/h3 鍏拌姵鍥帹鍑烘澂瑁呭ザ鑼讹紝鎵撳嚭鈥滅疮浜嗗洶浜嗘柊閫夋嫨锛侀娓叞鑺冲洯鈥濆彛鍙枫€?/p 2017骞?鏈?/h3 鍏拌姵鍥嚎涓婃笭閬撳紑鍞紝寮€濮嬩簡鏉濂惰尪鐨勬柊鏃呯▼銆?/p 2018骞?2鏈?/h3 鍏拌姵鍥腐寮忕墰涔宠尪涓婂競锛岃濂惰尪鍥炲綊濂惰尪鐨勫垵蹇冦€?/p 2019骞?鏈?/h3 鍏拌姵鍥腐寮忛赋楦笂甯傦紝鍜栧暋+濂惰尪锛屾彁绁炴洿缇庡懗銆?/p 2021骞?鏈?/h3 鍏拌姵鍥腐寮忓喕鏌犺尪涓婂競锛屾煚妾?绾㈣尪锛?钄楃硸杩樹笉娑┿€?/p best classic instant hong kong milk tea for sale website: