Actuated Valves

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Actuated ValvesActuated ValvesActuated ValvesActuated Valves

Actuated Valves Product Description Actuator motorized valve from Zhejiang Jimai Auto-Tech Co,. Ltd utilizes electric actuators to operate a variety of valve types. The electric valve's switching speed may be modified. Clients can customize whether they need fast response or normal speed. The structure is compact, and it is simple to maintain. Actuator motorized valve has the ability to stably work on several AC/DC voltages. It is suitable for controlling air, water, steam, and a variety of corrosive media. The advantage of actuator motorized valve are that it is effective on liquid media and gases with a large pipe diameter, and it will be not affected by changes in weather or air pressure. Its wide applicability and compatibility make actuator motorized valve being one of the best hot-sales products worldwide. Product Features 鉃?Motor automatically stop functioning once overheating 鉃?Equipped with limit switch and auxiliary limit switch, safe and reliable 鉃?Limit switches are controlled by the cam mechanism, easy to adjust and set the position accurately 鉃?Connection is convenient from linear or 45 corner 鉃?Visual indicator, Convex mirror design without cumulative water 鉃?Stable resilience and strong tension seat material 鉃?Twice pressure testing to ensure the precision control and zero leaking Nominal Diameter DN (mm): DN15-DN450 Nominal Pressure PN (MPa): 1.0 ~ 1.6 Valve body: WCB, SS304, SS316, SS316L Valve Sealing: PTFE PPL Structure: ball, butterfly Control mode: On/Off, Modulating FAQ Q: Which voltage will you provide for the electric actuator? A: We provide DC24V AC220V AC380V as our standard motor power, for other voltages like AC24V as the customized type. Please specify in advance when place the order. Q: What is the difference between On/Off type and modulating type? A: On/Off type only can achieve the full-open and full-close, while modulating type and accept 4~20mA or other input signal to achieve proportional control between 0~90 angle. Actuated Valves website: