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Wholesale Sds Tile Drill Bit Our History In 1985, Yueqing Furong Tools Co.,Ltd was established and began to produce drill bits. From the end of 1990s to the beginning of the 21st century, our company has developed into the largest drill bit manufacturer in China, with annual turnover of more than 2 million dollars. In 2003,our company invested in the establishment of alloys names 鈥淶henan Carbide鈥? In 2013, our company invested in the 鈥淟ushimu鈥?wire drawing plant. In 2018, our company invested in the construction of the first Mesh-belt salt bath quenching in Furong area. And through the renewal of equipment, the highly automatic production line was realized. Up to now, Furong Tools Factory has become a professional drill production plant with annual business of more than 5 million dollars. Our Factory At present, Yueqing Furong Tools Co.,Ltd covers an area of more than 6600 square meters, and with an annual turnover of more than 5 million dollars. There are about 100 employees,including 10 managers,and 3 RD personnel Our Product At present, Yueqing Furong Tools Co.,Ltd mainly produces electric hammer drills, chisels, TCT core bits, adaptors, hss drills, flower hammers and so on. Among them, electric hammer drills and chisels are the main products of the company. Product Application It is suitable for drilling and pinning of concrete, stone, brick and other materials. It is often used in building decoration, stone mining and processing, bridge construction and other industries. Our Certificate (1)Professional Certification of Self-operated Export, ISO 9001 Quality Supervision and Certification System (2)Factory Strength and Quality Certification of SGS, the Three Global Certification Companies (3)Patent for utility model: a reaming and bottom reaming bit, patent No. ZL2016 2 0206248.8 (4)Appearance Design Patent: Bottom Reaming Drill, Patent No. ZL 2016 3 0076713.6 Production Equipment 1銆? large cold heading machine 2銆? fully automatic head maker instruments 3銆? fully automatic CNC instrument locomotive drills 4銆? fully automatic CNC instrument handles 5銆?2 fully automatic CNC large milling machines 6銆?4 fully automatic CNC small milling machines 7銆?0 semi-automatic CNC milling machines 8銆?4 fully automatic CNC cutting machines 9銆?0 fully automatic welding machines 10銆? fully automatic chisel beating machines 11銆? suspended salt bath furnace 12銆? mesh belt salt bath heat treatment furnace 13銆? typewriters 14銆? sandblasting machines Production Market Domestic sales 60%, foreign trade sales 40%. Foreign trade sales are concentrated in the United States, Russia,Europe, Singapore, Australia and other countries and regions. Our Service Pre-sale: website construction, inquiry reply, free sample sending In Sale: Direct Online Purchase, Off-line Customs General Trade After-sale: If there are obvious product quality problems, you can make up or refund some of the money according to the pictures or recycled samples.Wholesale Sds Tile Drill Bit website:http://www.yuerongtool.com/ website2:http://www.yuerongtool.net/